Graduating students 2013

Fine Art:

tony BLACKMORE, bethe BRONSON, sasha BOWLES, terry BRETT, christopher BROOKE, ruben HALE, barry HASKINS, zahura SULTANA, catherine LINTON, claire MANNING, sharon MCELROY, esperanza PERKINS, nicola SAUNDERSON, mark SIBLEY, deb WHITNEY

MA Drawing:

diogo BOLOTA, alison CARLIER, hoi yee CHAU, jill EVANS, helen GOODWIN, isabelle GUSTY, olivia KEMP, minmin LU, xiaobo MA, sarah MALIK, stephen MYERS, keren PENG,  xue QUING,  lisa SOLOVIEVA,  nettie WAKEFIELD, minmin ZHOU

MA Visual Language of Performance:

minwook AN,  chen FANG, huabin FU,  quingning GUO, yi LI, jinyu ZHOU

These students are due to graduate from the MFA in Fine Art in 2014:

alexandra HON, eloise LAMBERT, smriti SANGAL, ellyn STOKES, debra lee TAYLOR (Singh)

The following artists finished their study on the Drawing, Visual Language of Performance, and Fine Art MA courses in 2012:

ralph ANDERSON, tim BARNES, josue BORGES, elaine BROWN, ines BURGUETE, pingpin CAO, thelma CASSOULIDOU, chris CAWKWELL, ching-ya CHEN, ah ra CHO, amelia CRITCHLOW, patricia CROWE, karen DAVID, sophie DERRICK, alice EIKELPOTH, philip ELBOURNE, darragh seamus GALLAGHER, giorgio GARIPPA, christopher michael GEE, matt GEE, alastair john GORDON, chris GREEN, jane HARRIS, victoria HAVILAND, judith ann HAYES, angela HO, ann-marie JAMES, sean KAVANAGH, soo hee KIM, hye jean LEE, laura MARKER, charlotte MARRIOTT, jill NEWTON, stefan ORLOWSKI, katheryn OWENS, gilly PAWSON, georgia POZOTOU, marta RAVASI, zita SAFFRETTE, francesca SCHGOR, angelika STEIGER, alberto TAVARES, james THOMAS, ernesto TORRES ALARCON, lucy VALENTE PEREIRA, cheng-yuan WANG, rob WILSON, youngshin YANG, zuochao ZHANG, yuqing ZHANG, liuhao ZOU

Other useful links:

agata CARDOSO, michael GOBERDHAN


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